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Fair Pensions

About the Green Light campaign

The Green Light campaign encourages pension providers to embed climate-awareness into their investment decisions, into dialogue with companies and into policy advocacy. Launched today with a keynote speech by the Minister of State for Pensions, Steve Webb MP, the campaign is supported by a broad coalition of unions, NGOs, and faith groups.

Pension savers need a healthy retirement income and a healthy planet on which to retire. As investors with an inherently long-term perspective, pension providers therefore need to take climate-related risks into consideration when making investment decisions. Automatic enrolment into pension schemes will only serve to strengthen this issue, adding 6-9 million new savers to the UK’s private pensions system. Many of these new savers will be younger workers who will not draw their pensions for many decades. The Green Light campaign focuses on the interests of these growing numbers of younger savers who bear all the investment risk in their pension funds and are therefore particularly exposed to the financial implications of climate change and natural resource scarcity.

The Green Light campaign takes a holistic approach to the pension industry’s role in mitigating climate change. The Green Light Report: resilient portfolios in an uncertain world examines the major issues and trends at the intersection of pensions and climate change. Underpinned by robust research, the report recommends a series of achievable and impactful actions to be taken by pension providers. To read more about the report, please click here.

Alongside the report, the campaign will utilise a diverse range of methods to instigate and encourage a shift towards climate-aware investing. These include one-to-one pension fund engagement and trustee training sessions to improve and share knowledge about the investment risks posed by climate.

The Green Light campaign also seeks to empower ordinary savers to have a voice in the decisions taken by their providers. We’re running regular training sessions for interested pension savers, educating them about why pensions matter for climate change, and supporting them as they advocate for action. We will also be running a series of e-actions, enabling savers to email their pension providers at the click of a mouse. To visit our current e-action, please click here: