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The Independent Project Board (IPB), which includes representatives of the ABI, FCA, DWP and the TPR, has today released the final report of a review into charges and benefits in legacy defined contribution workplace pension schemes.  The Board confirms that £25.8 billion of savers’ assets are trapped in schemes with high charges but does not let the public, savers or employers know which schemes these are or propose concrete action to remedy the situation.


Campaigners for the Living Wage have started a #StopScrooging digital campaign aimed at 12 of Britain’s biggest high-street retailers asking them to “Stop Scrooging” and “bring the magic back to Christmas” by paying fair.

The campaign includes a punk magician named “G.” going in to the stores in question, swapping their shelf price labels for parody shelf labels in an effort to “bring the magic back to Christmas”.


Responsible Investment charity ShareAction has created a tool for members of the public to email their pension funds asking them to clarify their position on the upcoming pay package for Helge Lund, incoming chief executive of oil and gas producer BG.

ShareAction is encouraging people to suggest that their funds vote against the pay deal.


Responsible Investment charity ShareAction has published a new briefing for investors showing reasons why paying a Living Wage makes financial sense.

The briefing contains new analysis on FTSE 100 firms in the industrial, retail and service sectors, showing that moving to the Living Wage is likely to result in only a single-digit reduction in corporate earnings, between one percent and six percent for the sample of three companies selected.


Charities ShareAction and Christian Aid are urging shareholders to ask companies about the “seven pitfalls of corporate tax practice” that could impact the share price of a company.

The seven pitfalls of corporate tax practice are: Relying on profit-shifting, tax havens, tax incentives, transfer pricing, opaque reporting, intra-group financing and treaty shopping.


ShareAction, the watchdog for pension fund governance, welcomes the wording of the DWP’s draft regulations issued this morning on workplace pension schemes.


If introduced, the regulations would require Master Trusts to consult scheme members on matters relating to the scheme, through AGMs, member surveys or member representatives.